Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Passing it on

Holland says today:
"I'm going to give all my love to Jesus and God." And I say: "Oh! You are? That's awesome!" And she says "Yup, because I love them SO much! But some people don't know Jesus and God. We need to tell them about them. And make Bibles for them."
Love it.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Miss W

I loved George Bush. I want him back. Stumbled upon this article today and wish more people saw this side of the man.

Why I'll Miss President Bush -

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu?

Eeeeew. If I have to get the flu (or die from the flu), for some reason I can't stand the thought of it being titled 'The Swine Flu.' Can't it be something that sounds tougher? Like the 'Strong Enough to Kill a Horse Flu' or the 'Only the Good Die Young Flu.' The Swine Flu just sounds gross.

I learned yesterday that this is not the first time the Swine Flu has hit America. In 1976 a man died in the US from it. That man's death prompted the CDC to create and release somewhere around 250 million doses of a hastily made vaccine. Somewhere around the 40 millionth shot they halted. The reason they stopped was 32 deaths and at least 500 cases of paralysis, all from this vaccine. All for one death from Swine Flu. Unnecessary panic.

That seems to be what is happening this go round. No one has died in the US from this and yet Obama is declaring a state of emergency. So, is it necessary? One thing I have learned from Obama's 99 days in office is that when he wants you to look at one hand, you had better be looking at the other. What is he going to get passed now, while the US holds its collective breath over Swine Flu? His own chief of staff is quoted as saying "Never let a crisis go to waste." That's why I am asking myself, what will this so called crisis be used for by the Obama administration? The AIG scandal was a smokescreen. While everyone was up in arms over business men getting bonuses (that the federal government allowed them to have) Obama was busy printing a TRILLION dollars without even asking you or me.

I have no faith in my government. I am increasingly mistrusting, suspicious, and scared of what this administration will pass next. It seems to me that Obama and his minions are shoving every extreme left policy democrats have wanted for the past 20 years through as fast as they possibly can. When will the average American wake up to what is going on? A CA Dem has actually proposed removing term restrictions from the president. Can you imagine? I'm not sure we're going to survive four years with this morally inept president, let alone a lifetime! Oh sure, tell me that I'm crazy and that would never happen in America. But did you really ever think, that in this country, a Pastor would not be able to speak out on Homosexuality from the pulpit because of Hate Speech crimes? It's coming. They are discussing that very thing in congress right now. Or, did you ever think in America we would allow International law to tell us how to run our country? That too is on the docket! We are one of only two countries who have not signed the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child, but now we are considering it. Sounds sweet, huh? I mean, who doesn't want to protect children's rights. But it's from you they are being protected! You can't spank your child when they misbehave, you may not even be able to take them to church more than once a week, or stop them from smoking pot or having sex with their boyfriend. Many people haven't heard about these things because they are being done quietly... while Obama has you looking elsewhere. This administration is anything but transparent. I just want people to see that.

Yes, people have died in Mexico from Swine Flu. Should we do everything we can to stop it from spreading further? Of course. But, the CDC says that 36,000 people die in America every year from flu. Not the Swine Flu, other flues. We aren't in a state of emergency over that. So why over Swine Flu? Just wondering what that other hand is up to.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh house, why won't you stay clean?

I am so tired of picking up my house, cleaning my house, tidying my house, and so on and so forth. Here I sit with the supper dishes still on the table. It's 8:02. I'm not kidding. I'm not normally this bad, but John had a coaches meeting for soccer tonight and somehow the table never got cleared.
I don't think I can ever have a house bigger than this one. And that is saying something since this house is no where close to big. Although my other argument is: I need a house way bigger than this one because then the messes will just be somewhere else, hidden in the vast expanse of my ginormous house. Let's go with that argument.
A big house. Aaaahhhh. Children running wildly throughout many rooms, laughter echoing off the marble floors, hide and seek lasting for hours rather than minutes. A gourmet kitchen complete with pot filling faucets, drawer dishwasher, marble baking slab, a huge island with prep sink, and and and... and where are my children? I can't find my children in this giant house! John? Joooohhhnnn? Where is my husband?

Right? A small house does make for a close family. Alyssa and Holland are constantly in each other's business, which is equally funny and annoying. Anna has to be cordoned off in order to play on her play mat without getting trampled. But the girls stop their play to talk to her, sing to her, and play with her. That's nice. John has to be good at napping with a lot of noise, but at least he's in the middle of things, and it is kind of funny when Holland jumps on him to wake him up.
Okay tiny house, I'll keep you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If I were a doctor

After the fifth night in a row of Anna waking up twice, I woke up this morning knowing I had to take her to the doctor. She's cutting two teeth, but I figured it could be an ear infection. It is. Thankfully I took her in and although I'm sad that she is sick, I'm also glad to have been right for once. I've had her in three times prior to this for what I thought were ear infections. Each time, the doctor tells me the symptoms to watch for, and sends me on my merry, er... irritated and $30 poorer, way. This led me to think about what a Mom like me could really use when I visit the doctors office.

If I were a doctor:
I would have a nurse practitioner in the waiting room. She would check the children's ears and throats for Mom's who aren't quite sure. If the ear/throat is infected you stay. No? Have a nice day!
I would have a waiting room for the healthy completely separate from the waiting room for the sick.
I would offer training with an otoscope. This way parents could check their children's ears themselves if they so desired.
When one child has an ear infection or strep, I would automatically check the siblings' ears and throat. Save that stressed out Mom a little trouble!

Wouldn't those four things be so helpful? Realistic? I don't know, but definitely helpful.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm folding laundry with Holland right now and I have to get this down before I forget.

When we do laundry together I have her make piles for me. For instance: Daddy's sock pile, Alyssa's pajama pile, etc. So, as we're folding, I see her holding my bra and I hear her say: "Boobs, I'll put this in the boob pile." Then she holds up a pair of my underwear: "Boob or panties?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aaahhh blogging.

Tonight I realized that I really should be blogging. In all of my spare time (wink, wink). This is a new blog, since apparently blogger ate my old one. After the hassle of trying to open my old blog, and then giving up and opening this one, I'm slightly more frustrated then when I sat down to do this, but here I go.
And here is why.
Holland is at my favorite age. It's not that she is my favorite child, of course, but truly I love four. She's so energetic, happy, eager to please, funny- oh is she funny. Case in point: after church Sunday, while riding home, she turned around and said to Alyssa, "Oh Alyssa, you look VERY distinguished!"
This blog is going to stand as my (and hopefully someday, their) record of the things they do to make us laugh, drive us crazy, make us cry, and so on and so forth.
So as my opener, on aforesaid blog number two, a few of Holland's great moments:

While driving down 80, I'm on the phone with John, when a rock flies off the semi ahead of me and hits my windshield. I tell John what happened and in the back I hear laughter. It's Holland, and she says "Oh Mommy, you're crackin' me up. Rocks don't fly!" And her laughter continued.

After dinner a few weeks ago, inspiration hit that she should be an air guitarist. She gave a 15 minute performance complete with full circle strumming, rocker facial expressions, and a sound I can only describe as "weeeerrrrnnntttt."

When Anna was still a newbie and her umbilical cord fell off, Holland was so excited and told everyone who would listen "Anna's electrical cord fell off!"

Holland is in bed one night and calls out "Daddy!' John is engrossed in FoxNews and says "what Holland?" "Daddy! Come here it's very important!" John says, "Just tell me Holland." Holland replies, "Penguin." Good stuff.

In other news, Alyssa got her 3rd quarter report card today. ALMOST straight A's. She had a B+ in math, much to her chagrin. Comments from her teacher this round are, "Alyssa continues to do very well, but she also continues to get down on herself. She needs to be happy with doing her best." We have some competitive genes flowing in this family, and Alyssa has a good dose of them. She gets extremely upset if she is not in first place in her rocket math program. Her teacher will be on maternity leave at the end of this week, and wrote this aside to Alyssa "I enjoyed teaching you. You are a bright and sweet girl with a beautiful smile." Awwww.

And then we come to Miss Anna. Oh Miss Anna. Never has there been a happier baby! She's sleeping 12 hours at night most nights (unless she kicks herself out of her covers and gets cold), taking three hour naps in the afternoon, and is an overall joy. God sure showed me.

I'm off to spend the rest of my evening picking up the house and maybe watching a movie. Last night was my choice, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Not a feel good. Tonight is John's pick...