Sunday, August 29, 2010


Holland is at my favorite age right now. Nearly everything about her is joy to me. And so, because I know I really won't always remember some of this stuff I have to get it down here.

A couple of weeks ago it was just the two of us in our darkened living room, early in the morning. She was looking at wedding pictures on the wall and asks if I will help her plan her wedding some day (does she know me?) to which I replied "of course!" Then she says "Mommy, remember how you had that dream about getting married again? Who did you marry?" Me: "Daddy, he's my guy." She says "Yeah, Daddy is really handsome." Me: "Yes, he is, isn't he honey?" She sits for a moment and adds "And he's got great hair."

This week she was helping me clean out the pantry and she asked "Who's this?" I told her it was Mrs. Butterworth. She asked who Mrs. Butterworth was (we don't normally eat store bought syrup). I explain and she goes on building a fort with cereal, triscuit, and buckwheat pancake boxes. When I'm ready to reload the shelves I say "Okay Holl, I need to take down your fort and get the boxes put away."


"It's okay Holl, you can build another fort with something else."

"No! You can't take it down! Mrs. Butterworth is changing in there!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My blog is fixed! My blog is fixed!