Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am listening to the President speak on our debt right now.  And since I try to avoid politics on fb, I had to come here.

Does anyone actually believe this man when he speaks?  I can hardly take listening to him.  His slamming of the GOP for their proposed budget cuts.  The twisted way he describes these cuts, to which an uneducated listener would probably become enraged at the GOP over.  His talking about how the GOP will socially change America as we know it.  Is he seriously trying to make us think he believes in fiscal responsibility?  He who added more to our national debt in 19 months than all presidents Washington through Reagan, combined.  And then he outsources everything to congress so he can lay the blame on them. 

Ummm.  You're not believing this, right America? This is the rhetoric he used during his election campaign.  Change!  Except people weren't really listening.  This president is a socialist and what he meant by change was social change.    His past, his mentors, his church, his friends, his advisors and czars all prove it.  What's the saying?  If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it's a duck.  This man wants to redistribute the wealth in this country.  It's not about health care and his deep desire to care for people.  Take a look at his financial records.  They're public knowledge.  Don't you think that a man who cared that much about caring for people would donate of his own money to help?  Prior to his campaign, during which he ramped up his donations, he gave $1,050 in a year.  One thousand fifty dollars.  Wow.  There is a giving heart.  That's the problem with socialists.  They want everyone else to give but don't want to sacrifice themselves.

Then he starts in on tax cuts.  And how it's ridiculous to cut taxes for the wealthy.  Really?  You can't figure this one out, Obama?  Who creates jobs?  Not the poor.  Not the lower middle class.  Small business owners do.  The top wealthiest in the country do.  They spend money.  They also order products for their businesses which in turn spur more jobs- plastics, metals, glass, food, electronics, etc.

And then energy.  He personally has said he wants energy to skyrocket.  His own appointed energy secretary says we have to find a way to bring gas prices up to the rate of Europe in order to force the country to find other means of energy.  What?  We have plenty of means of energy here!  Drill you fool. 

I haven't even touched his social agendas- abortion, marriage, forced volunteerism.  Or international policies- turning our back on Israel and England.  Strange choices like encouraging people to revolt in Egypt (the defenders of Israel in the middle east) where the leader has been a traditional friend to the US, he has done bad things yes, however he has also been an ally.  Then we hastily send planes into Libya.  What is going on? 

Or what about his condescending and demeaning remarks.  Laughing at people.  Telling one man that if he's going to complain about gas prices it's his own fault for "hee hee, driving his big suv or his monster truck."  Then the man told Obama he had 10 children.  To which Obama pauses and says "Really?  You have 10 kids?  Well... well, you need one of those hybrid vans."  Uuuuhh, you mean the ones you can only get in Japan, Mr. President?  Great answer.  This is America.  We do what we want.  We have choices.  And we should not be punished for excerising our freedom.  So embarrassing to have that behavior from our president. 

I'm so disheartened.  I don't see how we could possibly withstand another four years with these horrible policies.    Is he truly out to just destroy us?  In the latest poll out today 69% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.  I agree.  And the track that he has us on is not only scary, but down right puzzling.

I thought this was going to help me feel better.  It didn't. 

Wake up America.  What we need is morals.  Fiscal responsibility.  Smaller government.  Get rid of entitlements.  Someone willing to do the hard things and a country willing to sacrifice. 

I love my country.  Where has there ever been such prosperity, such beauty, such freedom all in one land?  These are all blessings from the Lord Almighty.  Without His hand upon us, we will not stand.

Hi, my name is Stephanie

And I have a problem with authority.