Monday, September 12, 2011


My middle girl was injured today at school.  It's just never fun to get hurt and it's an especially big bummer when you're at school without your Mama to fix you up right away.

Holl gets picked up by our dear carpooling friends every day while Alyssa stays for volleyball practice, but I have Alyssa bring her out to our friends first. 

On this particular day she forgot her headband in her classroom.  Headbands are very important to this girl.  As are all accessories.  Her teacher gave her permission to go back to the classroom for the aforementioned headband and on the way back my girl was telling herself she'd better be quick so that she wouldn't miss her sister.  A little bit of running, paired with a hurried disposition, throw in some flip flops and disaster occurred.  Poor little soul skidded across the pavement on her knee and elbow.  This was not the world's worst scraped knee and elbow, but it made my heart hurt when she told me everyone was looking at her. 

On the bright side she quickly had a little friend come to her aid.  Her big sister also heard what happened and quickly came to care for her, our dear carpooling friend went in to check on her, and her teacher was very loving and gave excellent first aid.  I received a phone call from Mrs. Voss shortly after the incident telling me every detail.  She also made sure to tell me how wonderful my girls are: how brave Holland was and how she could tell she was really trying to pull it together and not cry (even though Mrs. Voss herself felt that she must be in a lot of pain) and then onto Alyssa and how she came right away to be there for her sister.  Awww.  Doesn't that just warm a Mama's heart.

My girl has been thoroughly pampered and coddled all afternoon.  She's loved it. 
Here's the damage:

Doesn't seem too serious, does it?

Hanging out with Mom makes it all better.