Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dentist

I sort of always loved the dentist.  We chatted amicably.  He'd give me a free toothbrush and floss.  My teeth would be so shiny and pretty.  I wouldn't have a broken tooth.  I had dental insurance.

We still had a nice chat.  Even though most of it was over three rounds of Novocaine.  Three.
I have a new toothbrush and floss.  Along with a rinse to help heal minor mouth wounds.
My teeth are shiny and pretty.  Set off nicely by my swollen, sore, red gums. 
I don't have a broken tooth.  Anymore.
And I don't have dental insurance. 

See how shiny they are though?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dealing with it

When John started with Alliance he was given a work truck.  It wasn't fancy.  But it was included.  And so was the gas.  Not too long after that he was given his current car, a souped up Hyundai.  It's nice, lots of features (I DO love features), has treated him fairly well, and has been way more pleasant to drive.  As would be expected, it has vanity mirrors with lights, and soon after he got the car Alyssa pulled down the visor to play with the mirror.  Stuck to the outside of the cover is this sticker:
*picture coming*
Dealing With It. 

Alyssa thought this was hilarious and ever since then John and I laugh a little when I pull down the visor. 

This ridiculous little sticker is kind of how I'm feeling these days.  It seems that my kids are constantly bickering.  My house seems to be trashed for around 90% of the day.  I have far less time than I used to due to teacher training, basketball practice, basketball games, yoga classes to take, yoga classes to teach, church, school, time with friends, and on and on it goes.  It's been so much fun and I'm enjoying this time immensely.  But sometimes when I actually sit down I'm left feeling depleted.  Tank empty.  Dealing with it. 

And while my quiet time with the Lord has slipped quietly away, daily devotions after dinner have become routine and well loved.  I've been more thoughtful (meaning, I've actually been thinking... John stopped me the other day and asked what I was doing and what was the matter to which I replied, "Oh nothing, just thinking.  You're not used to that are you?) and more prayerful.  It feels like a good place to be.  One that will springboard me back into more Bible study time.  And one that has me setting the goal of one service project a month.  Aim small, miss small.  That's from The Patriot.  I'm not entirely sure what it means, but it seemed to fit.