Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Flying by in an Insta(Gram)

It happens every year.

Day one of summer:

 Rejoicing!  We have forEVER!

July 4: 

What??  It's the fourth of July?  We just finished school, like, yesterday.

Panic ensues. 

Mad amounts of ice cream are consumed. 
Leisurely swims begin to look like triatholon training. 
Bed times get later. 
The house gets messier. 
The firefly population decreases significantly in the backyard.  (Sorry, fireflys, they just get excited while holding you)
More ice cream.
Comments like "I'm tanner than you" are regularly heard.
The bike riding portion of the triatholon heats up.
The librarians begin to expect us daily.
Every flavor at the Caboose has now been sampled.  Mmmm.  Gelato.

Oh yes, and tons of Instagram pictures are being taken...

Sox Games
Florida Sunset
Sweet Beach Girl
Beach Photo Shoots
Cousin Time
Daddy Date Nights
 Morning Devotion
 More swimming
 Ice Cream

Summer Joy

And we're just getting started...


  1. That's kinda how it feels around here too. I catch myself trying to slow the hands of time and savor those summer moments that make my heart full (while letting go of the messy house and long and growing daily "to-do" list...there's always tomorrow, right?) Love your instagrams. You have a beautiful family.

  2. LOVE this post. So cute! And thanks for introducing me to Instagram. ;) So glad you guys have been having another amazing summer! XO