Monday, August 13, 2012

Tip Tuesday

I just realized something: I have strayed from writing about things I love on my blog. 


Time to stop that immediately and get back to talking about only happy things.
Like puppies and ice cream. 

Well, that might be taking it a little far.

How about cleaning.  Now there's something joyful to discuss.

This little tip is currently making me pretty happy though.

We have a shower pan in our master bath that we installed back in Februaryish of 2008.

Odd thing to remember the date of, you say?  As it turned out I got a very special surprise the day I went to pick up that shower pan. 

Anna was born about eight months later:).

Back to the shower pan. 

In the beginning I loved my shower pan.  Scrubbed it weekly even.

And now? 

Who cares?  It's a shower pan.

And then I actually stopped to look at it.

Fiberglass shower pans from Kohler with the non-skid bottom get really nasty if you don't keep up on them.


And then when you read about them you start to learn that they can't be brought back to their original state.  But, I pretty much don't ever take 'can't' for an answer. 

So, I found my own answer. 
And it's amazing.
Vinegar and paper towels.

Line the shower pan floor with paper towels (if you're doing this in a bath tub then I would go ahead and close the drain).  Pour vinegar down over the paper towels until they are thoroughly wet. Leave them sit over night.  The following day pull up the paper towels and you'll see that most of the staining is gone. Take a good scrubby sponge (that's what you call them too, right?) to the rest of it to finish off the job.  Pretty much looks like brand new again!

And it's WAY easier than:
A. Scrubbing until your arm falls off or
B. Replacing your shower pan

And yes.  Those ARE the only other options.

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