Monday, December 9, 2013


Two nights ago John and I sat in his parents garage (they were out of town and we needed somewhere warm) under a patio heater (yes, IN the garage) drinking wine and smoking a cigar.  I didn't smoke a cigar, he did.  And he didn't drink wine, I did.

While he was smoking, and I was drinking, we got to reminiscing about the past (almost) fifteen years of our marriage. Inevitably some of that conversation turned to John having lost his job two years ago and that reminded me of this blog. 

It seems odd that I would have forgotten this blog, doesn't it?  But, I essentially had.  My life has taken quite a turn since the last entry... but that may turn up here at a later date.


(You get that, right?  Up.  The dog...   Never mind.)

When I remembered this blog, I pulled it up and we read through the entry that chronicled some of the awesome ways God showed up for us during that time.  I'm so glad I wrote them here.  It was such a sweet reminder of friends, family, being cared for, and most importantly a God who is always good and is always there.  A great lesson.

From there our talks continued on and we realized that over the years God has worked in periods of two years in our lives.  It seems that we go through transition for two years and then we seem to get to the sweet spot. And considering we are in year two of John's new job this was a very exciting revelation indeed.  :)

I'm sure this isn't the pattern in everyone's life but it's just something we noticed.  And with the noticing has come this sense of anticipation.  Excitement.  An eagerness to obey and listen. 

I am a believer in God as my heavenly Father.  And because I believe that firmly it gives me this great comfort in knowing that I can ask him for good.  I know his ears are especially attuned to me, his daughter.  I know he is looking for those to bless, and I am comfortable asking for good things from a Father who loves me. 


  1. there's beauty and purpose in recording our journeys (the mountaintop and valley moments). they serve as a great reminder to us of God's faithfulness. sometimes we too easily forget all the evidences of Him and His work in our lives. looking back at written records should fill us with greater awe of Him and His provision. great is Thy faithfulness!

    expectant faith can have you looking ahead into the future with hope and gladness. happy anniversary. (and welcome back to the blogging world...we missed you!) bring on 2014!

  2. Amanda, one of the best reasons to blog is receiving one of your beautiful, thoughtful responses! Thank you!